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BREAC organizes public awareness campaigns on topical issues that relates to science education, health, sustainable development and agriculture. BREAC's approach is to increase public understanding about these issues  and encourage the public to take appropriate actions. BREAC is also passionate about advocating for policies that encourages education of girls, motivates women in science and engineering, ensures public well-being etc. 





Incidence of obesity and diabetes is increasing globally and particularly in developing countries. Recent studies have also reported growing incidence of obesity-diabetes among children globally. It has been predicted that 76% of the over 150 million people suffering from diabetes globally will be living in developing countries such as Nigeria by the year 2030 (WHO, 2011). As at 2010, International Diabetes Foundation recorded a prevalence of 3.9% (about 7.2 million people) for Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria lacks a formidable policy on the management and awareness of the disease. Therefore, knowledge of prevention and management of the disease is generally poor among the populace. 

To address this problem, BREAC is collaborating with institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders to promote the awareness of diabetes and collecting empirical data the aetiology and management of the disease in selected rural communities in Nigeria. The first phase of the campaign exercise was carried out in Ilorin and Eruwa on the 11th and 25th of July, 2016 respectively. These campaigns were sponsored by an Impact Grant Awarded by University of East London, Stratford, United Kingdom to Dr. Opeolu Ojo. Strategic support for the campaign at Ilroin was also provided by Aisha Memorial Hospital, Ilorin.  


The project reached over 500,000 residents of Ilorin and Ibarapa districts with basic and essential information on the development, treatment and prevention of diabetes during the campaign. Other campaign activities included:


  • Interractive (phone-in) campaign on local radio 

  • Distribution of campaign booklets and flyers containing basic information on the development, treatment and prevention of diabetes

  • Publication of articles on diabetes in local newspapers

  • Visit to primary and secondary schools to address students and inaugurate health clubs

  • Screening of members of selected communities for risk factors of obesity and diabetes


BREAC continues to seek partners for this project. Click here to donate towards this project. 

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