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July 15, 2022



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Scope of workshops


Basic techniques in molecular biology, proteomics and tissue culture have become tools used routinely in conducting cutting-edge scientific investigations in several areas of bioscience in many parts of the World. In herbal research and development for instance, molecular biology techniques are now used widely to study therapeutic effects, molecular mechanisms of action and toxicity of herbal preparations. Moreover, these techniques have also been found useful in the diagnosis of diseases affecting medicinal plant species and in developing disease or drought resistant plants or those with improved characteristics. 


While several training platforms, mentoring programmes and funding resources geared towards the building of capacity in these techniques are available in many developed countries, the opposite is the case in many West African countries. Key equipment for basic molecular biology techniques are lacking in many research and training institutions across West Africa and where available, technical/scientific expertise required for effective utilization is lacking. This situation has not only prevented countries across West Africa from engaging in cutting-edge research but has also hampered the training of upcoming scientists in the region.


Since 2016, BREAC has been working together with Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to organize hands-on training workshops that directly address the problem of lack of expertise in molecular biology techniques among research scientists, lecturers and students who are working on medicinal plants across West Africa. Initial series of  this workshop featured lectures and laboratory sessions on basic biotechniques and their application to medicinal plant research


The present workshop series will be in two parts. The first workshop will cover basic concepts in modern biotechnology and applied molecular biology. This will be ideal for researchers who wish to introduce biotechniques into their work for the first time. The second workshop will cover advanced topics and focus on building capacity in advanced molecular biology techniques. We will also hold our flagship workshop on the applications fo molecular biology techniques to medicinal plants research. Details of lectures and laboratory activities at these workshops are as follows:


Basic Molecular Biology Workshop

  • Health and safety regulations and bioethics

  • Introduction to DNA structure, the genetic code and codon translation

  • Overview of gene expression and regulation

  • DNA isolation

  • Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) and gene amplification

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis

  • Restriction fragment lenght polymorphism


Advanced Molecular Biology Workshop

  • Basic principles of cell and tissue culture

  • Isolation and maintenance of mammalian cells 

  • RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis

  • Semi-quantitative and real time PCR

  • Plasmid design and mapping

  • Plasmid mini prep

  • Gene cloning and transformation


Click here for application forms


Participants will be required to fill an application form, submit a short CV and a statement indicating how the training workshop will benefit their research endeavours/careers. Few travel grants will be made available for international participants who register to attend both the summit and the training workshop.




Basic:             N50,000     

Advanced:      N60,000                

Both:              N100,000 

For further information, contact: 

Venue and Dates:  
King's University, Ode-Omu, Nigeria
Basic:  18 - 20 July, 2022
 Advanced:  21 - 23 July,  2022


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