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​Young Minds Science Programme (YMSP)

This is a programme targeted at pupils in primary schools. It features series of activities aimed at raising pupil’s educational aspirations and stimulating their interest in science subjects. The utmost aim of this programme is to encourage young children to develop a career path in biosciences. Activities under this programme include guided laboratory and industrial visits, lectures, science fair etc.   

For further details on YMSP, contact:

The Programme Officer, YMSP E-mail:



STEP-UP Science Programme (SUSP)

This is a programme targeted at students in rural and urban secondary schools where basic facilities and resources for science teaching are lacking. Our approach includes donation of science equipment and various instructional resources, training of science teachers, science mentoring, summer schools etc. We also expose students from these background to basic scientific techniques in line with the Nigerian Secondary Schools Curriculum. 

For further details on SUSP, contact:

The Programme Officer, SUSP E-mail: 



BREAC collaborates with Universities and Research Institutions across Nigeria for Capacity Building in Basic and Applied Biotechnology. Presently, these workshops are hosted by the partnering institutions while BREAC provides logistics and human resources needed for the training. In the near future, these workshops and related meetings will be hosted within BREAC's  headquaters, which is located in Ibadan, Nigeria and currently under development. Click here for details of past capacity building training workshops

For further details on Capacity Building Programmes, contact:

The Programme Officer, Capacity Building,  E-mail:


Research Award and Education Grants (RAEG)

As part of our efforts to promote bioscience education and research, BREAC awards a number of annual research and education awards/grants  to early career scientists and science students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have distinguished themselves in the field. BREAC particularly welcomes support from individuals and organizations who are interested in sponsoring these awards.


For further details on RAEG, contact:

The Programme Officer, RAEG,  E-mail: 



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