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Obafemi Awolowo University

Ile-Ife, Nigeria


Workshop 1: 18 -23 July, 2016 

Application deadline now:       July 15, 2016 


Important Dates


Registration Deadline extended till:

July 15, 2017




Scope of the workshop


Basic techniques in molecular biology, proteomics and tissue culture have become tools used routinely in conducting cutting-edge scientific investigations in several areas of bioscience in many parts of the World. In herbal research and development, molecular biology techniques are now used widely to study therapeutic effects, molecular mechanisms of action and toxicity of herbal preparations. Moreover, these techniques have also been found useful in the diagnosis of diseases affecting medicinal plant species and in developing disease or drought resistant plants or those with improved characteristics.


  While several training platforms, mentoring programmes and funding resources geared towards the building of capacity in these techniques are available in many developed countries, the opposite is the case in many West African countries. Key equipment for basic molecular biology techniques are lacking in many research and training institutions across West Africa and where available, technical/scientific expertise required for effective utilization is lacking. This situation has not only prevented countries across West Africa from engaging in cutting-edge research, but has also hampered the training of upcoming scientists in the region. This workshop is organized to directly address the problem of lack of expertise in molecular biology techniques among research scientists, lecturers and students who are working on medicinal plants across West Africa.

The workshop will feature lectures and laboratory sessions on:

  • Health and safety regulations and bioethics

  • Review of genetics, scope and impact of recombinant DNA Technology

  • DNA structure, the genetic code and cordon translation

  • Gene expression and regulationDNA and RNA Isolation

  • Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) and gene amplification

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis

  • Western Blotting

  • Introduction to bioinformatics

  • Applications of DNA technology in disease detection and drug discovery

  • Applications of  DNA technology in plant improvement

  • Application of DNA technology in detecting genetically modified food products


Workshop 1 will feature lectures and wet-labs on basic techniques while Workshop 2 will feature more extensive wet-labs different applications of basic biotechniques as well as introduction to more advanced tools and techniques in Molecular Biology.  


Click here for application forms



Workshop Course Fees












Participants will be required to fill an application form, submit a short CV and a statement indicating how the training workshop will benefit their research endeavours/careers. Few travel grants will be made available for international participants who register to attend both the summit and the training workshop.



Payment Details


For Nigerians: Payment should be made by bank transfer to:

Account Name: Bioscience Research Education and Advisory Centre

Account Number: 1013453148

Bank Name: Zenith Bank


For international participants: Payment should be made by bank transfer to:

Account Name: Bioscience Research Education and Advisory Centre

Account Number: 5070288374

Sort Code: 057090034

Bank Name: Zenith Bank


Proof of payment should be sent to


Confirmation: Confirmation by e-mail upon receipt of payment will be sent to the paying participants.  However, participants will be required to produce this confirmation at the registration desk where the appropriate official receipt will be issued.


Cancellation/refund policy: Cancellation must be submitted in writing via e-mail to the Summit Secretariat. A 25% administrative fee will be charged on all cancellations received on or before the last date for regular registration. No refunds will be paid after this date. All the refunds shall be processed two weeks after the summit.


Application Forms

Download Application Form for the Training Workshop







Participants are responsible for their accommodation. Howeever, information below might be helpful. For further assistance, contact Dr. Obuotor (+2348054583224, +2348026900081) or Damola (+2348109920189)


  • Conference Centre                                     OAU Campus (+2348038812512, +2347051091345)

  • RECTAS                                                     OAU Campus (+2348065383174, +2348056672851)

  • Centre for Energy Research and Dev.       OAU Campus (+23480660210581)

  • Kris Court                                                   Campus 2nd Gate at Rd 7, Ile-Ife (+2348033137401)

  • Best Friends Hotel                                      Road 7, Ile-Ife (+2348166333378)

  • JAO Hotel                                                   Awoyeku Street, Off Road 7, Ile-Ife (+2347035562601)

  • Cameron Hotel                                           Ibadan Road, Ile-Ife (+2348035584532)

  • Xela Hotel                                                   Mayfair, Ile-Ife (+2348066332875)

  • Hillspirngs Hotel                                          Ondo Road, Modakeke, Ile-Ife (+2348114491852)

  • Hilton Hotel                                                 Mayfair, Ile-Ife(+2348060225555, +2348056565656)

  • Hotel de Treasure                                       Ibadan Road, Ile-Ife (+2348032031438, +2348161332963)

  • Hotel de Diganga                                        Ibadan Road, Ile-Ife (+2347030234551)



Contact us


Convener: Dr. Opeolu Ojo, University of East London, Stratford, UK

Chair, LOC: Prof. Tony Elujoba, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria


All correspondece should be sent to the secretariat by email: 

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